Typical Waste Waters; leachate, oily, brine, RO reject, oil production, frack flow back, coolant, ink based water, rinse waters and many more industrial and municipal waste waters.

AIT offers a varity of materials of consrtuction, from our standard 304 stainless steel to our optional 316L SS,  plus our economically priced corrosion resistant (high clorides) package.

AIT systems operate utilizing; L.P.G., Natural Gas, Well Head or LFG Gas fuel sources.

AIT evaporators achieve a 95% + plus energy efficiency rating, utilizing submerged combustion technology.

AIT manufactures systems with process rates from 15– 1500 gph, or up to 960 bbl's / day.

AIT systems require minimal operator attention, utilizing PLC/Touch Screen computerized controls and monitoring systems.
AIT’s versatility is unparalleled when confronted with abnormal installation restrictions, ranging from stand alone to skid, mobile systems to flare adaptations.

AIT's firm belief is, satisfied customers will propel its evaporator division far ahead of the competition well into the 21st Century.

AIT is well versed in the air and emissions requirements enforced by the state and federal regulatory agencies. Our goal is to ensure our user be in full compliance with environmental laws and regulations. 

AIT will perform, at no cost to customer and with our suggestion; Wastewater Bench Test, FOB Brownwood, TX. Larger scale testing is available for a small fee.

AIT offers custom made evaporation systems for your particular application.

AIT's exclusive Oil Skimmer availiable on most models as an option.
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